Having been previously accredited in the application and delivery of EQi, and used it with good affect with coaching clients, I was delighted to participate in a recent three-day EQi 2.0 accreditation workshop. This was a great refresher and allowed me to share some of my own learning experiences. The model is more user friendly than before, the MHS team  http://ei.mhs.com/Home.aspx that host EQi have really listened to the feedback from practitioners making the administration so much easier. The actual model itself has been refined through progressive analysis to take account of the global data base accrued since 1997, changing norms and contemporary understanding of emotional intelligence, and again, feedback from users. This has enabled the various sub-scales of measurement to be aligned more effectively to the dynamics and challenges associated with today’s leadership and the high emotional awareness required. I am really looking forward to introducing the new model to my coaching practice when appropriate, and seeing the benefits of the interpretation  support my clients.